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GRASSMEN DVDs series is a new, dynamic and fresh approach to agricultural entertainment. The company founders are keen cameramen as well as drivers and decided to experiment with a video camera from the corner of a field. Being tractor enthusiasts themselves and having spent many hours behind the wheel, the team wanted to take the style they had used on Youtube to the next level. The only option was to get more input from the men on the job, so they called in favours from local contractors who provided the question and answer style narration as Gareth conducted a ‘one-take’ interview – hence they gave some very honest and unscripted answers. With the continuous and extended period of filming, an honest and accurate portrayal of silage contracting is achieved in all its glory. The sunshine, the rain, the breakdowns and the craic are all here to see. It’s safe to say that there is no other DVD series quite like the GRASSMEN series. Are you a Grassman?

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