Bill & Ray The Tartan Lads of Bonnie Scotland DVD


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Bill & Ray The Tartan Lads of Bonnie Scotland DVD

First View:
The Lads first come into view with a lovely snow covered backdrop and when they finally march off 40 minutes later it’s round a snow covered loch so it’s no real surprise that they spend a bit of time indoors by roaring firesides with wee drams close at hand.
All well known songs and tunes from the long established favourites.
Plays in ALL regions.

1) The Lads of Bonnie Scotland
2) The Lovely Glens of Angus
3) Jacqueline Waltz
4) The Old Meal Mill
5) The Rose of Allandale
6) The Sykeline of Skye
7) Bonnie Wells o;’ Wearie
8) Kissing In the Dark – Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl – The Gallant 42
9) Amazing Grace
10) Westering Home – Lovely Stornoway – Grannie’s Heilan’ Hame
11) Morag’s Fairy Glen
12) The Dark Island
13) Bonnie Kirkwall Bay
14) The Northern Lights – Loch Lomond – These Are My Mountains