Crop Cruisers DVD 1


Crop Cruisers DVD 1


Crop Cruisers DVD 1

Bringing you the latest in Tractors and Machinery with plenty of craic along the way.

Join The Lad, The Donk and the Clunk as they test out the latest in the Pottinger range of Tillage and Grassland machinery. Listen to their reviews and let their driving do the talking!

At the foothills of Slievenamon lies a little village called Dragan. Here SAS are located and its here where our 3 friends set out to follow SAS through the summer. The Crop Cruisers are born….

“This was inevitable, his first word was tractor” – The Lads Mother.

“It was me or silage. I’m single 4 months now” – The Clunk’s Ex.

“Just give me grass. I’ll bring an extra ton up on the roof and two in me pockets” – The Donk