Glencoe Massacre North Sea Gas CD


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Glencoe Massacre North Sea Gas CD

A compilation of 16 tracks chosen by North Sea Gas featuring The Massacre Of Glencoe.

1. The Massacre Of Glencoe
2. Ballad Of St Anee’s Reel
( St Anne’s Reel )
3. Road And The Miles Tae Dundee
4. Willie’s Gane Tae Melville Castle
5. Hawks and Eagles Fly Like Doves
6. If Wishes Were Fishes
7. Lock The Door Lariston
8. The Gypsy Rover
9. The Freedom Come-All-Ye
10. The Dawning Of The Day
11. Hush Hush
12. Flowers O’ Edinburgh
( Andy renwick’s Ferret )
13. The John McLean March
14. Bright Blue Rose
15. New York Girls
16. Generation Of Change
17. Ye Jacobites By Name
18. Will Ye No Come Back Again