Grassmen TV Collection 2016 Disc 3 DVD


Grassmen TV Collection 2016 Disc 3 DVD

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Grassmen TV Collection 2016 Disc 3 DVD

Disc 3 of our TV Collection includes the following episodes:
1) In this episode, we get talking to Rob Bartlett of Bartlett Contractors in southern England, on their ‘second’ harvester, the Fendt Katana 85. We also get chatting about their collection of Fendt tractors and their mower choice. Bartlett Contractors Ltd is owned and run by both Rob and his sister Tina and since filming this episode of GRASSMEN TV, they went on to win Farmers Weekly Contractor of the Year Award in 2015.

2) Shot on the 1st September 2016, during what is an extremely difficult season, this episode of GRASSMEN TV takes a look into the life of Michael Hoey of Country Crest in Co. Dublin, Ireland. There are few words that can describe this man – the main one that springs to mind is ‘LEGEND’. It doesn’t get much more current than this. Coming up in the next episode, we talk machinery, but for now, take a seat and listen to Michael tell us about Country Crest, charity work he does and his attitude towards his employees – one every employer should adopt.

3) This episode sees us revisit RG McKnight contracting, and is not yet released to our online TV Channel. We speak with Gavin who talks fleets, why he upgraded his New Hollands and why he prefers his JCB for buckraking. Can Gareth sway him to Valumet for his next tractor purchase?

4) The first episode in our GRASSROOTS series! We go back and visit Barry Read, seen in our popular ‘Green Fever’ DVD-based in Fermanagh, to see how he’s getting on with his fleet of Valtras, what’s changed and specifically we discuss his slurry equipment now compared to back then.