Louise Morrissey Duets & Hits CD


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Louise Morrissey Duets & Hits CD

Duets & Hit’s is the new long-awaited album.

Featuring various duets with man of my friends in the music business including my brother Norman Morrissey, Dominic Kirwan, Martin Byrne, Patrick O’Sullivan, Michael Collins, Paddy O’Brien, Sam O’Dohety, Nick McCarthy & American singer/songwriter Billy Yates.

Also included on the album are some of my most requested songs such as September Sky, Glen of Aherlow, Circles & many more.

September Sky
I Give You Music
Blowing In The Wind (Featuring Patrick O’Sullivan)
Timeless and True Love
Come Back Paddy Reilly To Ballyjamesduff
Glen Of Aherlow
Eternal Love (Featuring Michael Collins)
We Were Made For Each Other (Featuring Paddy O’Brien)
Best Of Friends (Featuring Sam O’Doherty, Dominic Kirwan and Nick McCarthy)
Don’t Let Me Cross Over
Roses In My Garden (Featuring Martin Byrne)
Islands In The Stream (Featuring Dominic Kirwan)
Feels Like Home
Buiochas Do Dhia Ar Do Shon (Thank God For You) (Featuring Billy Yates)
Till The Seasons Come Around