Marie Curie Trucking For Cancer 2017 Double CD

Marie Curie Trucking For Cancer 2017 Double CD


Marie Curie Trucking For Cancer 2017 Double CD

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Marie Curie Trucking For Cancer 2017 Double CD.

Featuring a truck load of stars including Derek Ryan, Nathan Carter, Barry Doyle, Crawford Bell, John Farry, Billy McFarland, Lisa McHugh and Philomena Begley

Wee Susie – Hugo Duncan
I Will Wait – Sean Corrigan
As Good As I Once Was – Mick Flavin
Hot Burning Flames – Vincie Walmsley
Happy Man – Derek Ryan
Something When Things Are Brighter – Jordan Mogey
I Wouldn’t Mind But I Was Going To – Mike Denver
Pull The Covers Over Me – Philomena Begley
Let’s Get Back To Me & You – Lisa McHugh
Run Around Angel – Matt Leavy
Scania 164 – Ailish McBride
Bring Back My Bonnie To Me – Wee Joe McMahon
Don’t Get Me Wrong – Gareth Pritchard
Let’s Pretend We’re Not Married – Country Features
Lucky – Cowboy Larry
Not Until The Next Time – George Gordon
On The Road Again – Barry Doyle
That Jones Boy Is Gone – Stephen Beckitt
If The Junctions Empty – Boxcar Brian

Disc 2

Break My Mind – Nathan Carter
Rose Of My Heart – Susan McCann
Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Curtis Magee
The Best Part Of The Day – The Outlaws
Storms Never Last – Kerry Fearon
The Boxer – Justin McGurk
Hey Mr Rich Man – Unlisted
Buicks To The Moon – Joe Moore
Do I Even Cross Your Mind – Stephen Smyth
Let Him Go Let Him Tarry – Cliona Hagan
Don’t Look Back – Keltic Storm Band
So Doggone Crazy – Trevor Dixon
Down To You And Me – Thomas Maguire And Fhiona Ennis
Lucky Old Colorado – Uel Bailey
Louisiana Lady – Crawford Bell
Mothers Song – Anthony McBrien
Get On Back – John Farry
Poor Boy Got No Money – Aidan Quinn
Run That By Me One More Time – Billy McFarland
The Rock & The Pillar – Shaun Loughrey