Milking Through The Years DVD


Milking Through The Years DVD

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Milking Through The Years DVD. Milking Through The Years is a unique production looking at various methods of milking systems and machines since early 1860s to the present day.

In the 1900s the invention of bucket cluster and pipelines were developed which allowed the farmer to increase in herd size. Parlours were the next development to come along and the idea of cows walking into the parlour instead of the byre boosted production efficiency. Then came the rotary parlours thus pushing efficiency even further. Perhaps the most significant development has been the use of robotic milkers, allowing the farmers to manage their herd.

A visit to Owenskerry commercial milking goats shows us how the parlour can be adapted to cope with different species of milk producer.
Interesting, informative and entertaining! Relax and enjoy this overview of developments in milk production.

Narrated by Mary-Lou Richmond

Running time 1hr 20mins