Philomena Begley – The Diamond Collection CD



Disc 1: Philomena Today :
Half A Chance, Country Girls Never Grow Old (with Debbie and Carrie Moore), You’re Waltzing With Me (with Robert Mizzell), Sorry, It Won’t Rain Forever (with Derek Ryan), My Life My Music My Memories, We Believe In Happy Endings (with Aidan Quinn), Waltzing Through This Lifetime With You , Burning An Old Memory, All The Road Running (with Aidan Quinn) , Why Can’t He Be You, Taste Of Life ,
Love and Happiness (with Aidan Quinn), I Ain’t Over The Hill, Bonus new dance medleys: Walking Bass Medley, Waltz Medley, Quick Step Medley , Philly Hits Medley

Disc 2 Classic Duets:
We’ll Get Ahead Someday (with Mick Flavin), Husband Hunting (with Margo), Together Alone (with Ray Lynam), Till A Tear Becomes A Rose (with Mick Flavin), I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (with Lisa Stanley), How’s The World Treating You (with Ray Lynam), The Fiddle and Guitar Band (with Brendan McGarrity), All You’ve Got To Do Is Dream (with Mick Flavin), Golden Memories (with Margo ), She Sang The Melody (with
Ray Lynam), Today Tomorrow and Forever (with Dan O’Hara), We’re Strangers Again (with Mick Flavin) , Simply Divine(with Ray Lynam), Seeing With Her (with Porter Wagoner), I See God (with Margo) , Bonus medleys from the archive : Rose Of San
Antone Medley, This Old House Medley, Walk In The Room Medley

Disc 3 Lost Gems and Rare Singles
Jones On The Jukebox, Come By The Hills, No Man Is A Mountain, Life’s Storybook Cover, Yes Mam He Found Me At A Honky Tonk, Charlie’s
Picture, The Bed You Made For Me, Mama Spank, It’s A Long Way From Heaven, A Tree In The Meadow, Only Yesterday, Don’t Tell Mama I Was Drinking, You Don’t Need to Move A Mountain, That’s What Your Love Means To Me, Can I Sleep In Your Arms, Back To Back, Scars On Jesus’s Hands, Catfish John, Poor Sweet Baby, Whiskey Drinking You, Let The Teardrops Fall On Me, Our Wedding Song , In God We Trust, Behind The Footlights