TOM & Jack The Alexander Brothers Tributes DVD - Music City

TOM & Jack The Alexander Brothers Tributes DVD



TOM & Jack The Alexander Brothers Tributes DVD

That wee dug at the start of these DVDs must get fair dizzy, eh!
Anyway, nothing too dizzy about Tom & Jack who dive right into nostalgia corner with a plaintive version of ‘Scotland Again’ before a series of tributes to fellow variety performers over the years.
They finish up, an hour later, rapping!! Yep! The tartan two get down with the beat and give it up for Chic Murray (or something light that).
Lot’s of MacKintosh and nostalgic clips in the visuals too.
Plays in all regions.

Track Listing
1. Scotland Again
2. Bowie’s Boat/Pat McCann Md/Kilwaughter House
3. Remember Francie and Josie
4. Petite Waltz
5. Come By the Hills
6. Jimmy Shand the Legend
7. Jean
8. Calvery
9. Toast To Andy Stewart
10. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
11. Pipers Waltz/the Heights of Darg/In the Borders
12. Wedding Song
13. Annie Laurie
14. Saturday Dance
15. Big Kilmarnock Bunnet/Soor Milk Cairt/Johnny Lad
16. Nobody’s Child
17. One For the Road
18. Chicc Murray Rap