Tracey & Johnny Marks Hand In Hand CD


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Tracey & Johnny Marks Hand In Hand CD
Track List:
1. Never Ending Song Of Love (Tracey & Johnny Marks)
2. Cottage By The Lee (Johnny Marks)
3. Walkin’ After Midnight (Tracey Marks)
4. Like You Always Could Do (Johnny Marks)
5. Paper Roses (Tracey Marks)
6. Hickory Holler’s Tramp (Johnny Marks)
7. End Of The World (Tracey Marks)
8. Hello Francis (Tracey & Johnny Marks)
9. Georgia In A Jug (Johnny Marks)
10.Where The Boys Are (Tracey Marks)
11.One Minute Past Eternity (Johnny Marks)
12.Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (Tracey Marks)
13.Old Loves Never Die (Johnny Marks)
14.What I’ve Got In Mind (Tracey Marks)
15.Hand In Hand (Tracey & Johnny Marks)
16.Penny Arcade (Johnny Marks)
17.Amazing Grace (Tracey Marks)
18.Looking At Country (Johnny Marks)
19.When I Get Thru With You (Tracey Marks)
20.Will You Walk With Me (Tracey & Johnny Marks)